16th AMS Releases Statement of Asia-Pacific Sideline Ministerial Meeting in Cambodia

1. On 12 June 2019, Information Ministers from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines as well as the Standing Commissioner of the Korean Communications Commission and Information Vice-Minister of Samoa gathered for the Asia-Pacific Sideline Ministerial Meeting in Cambodia to take a collective stand on critical media issues, in particular, to discuss a way forward in combating the spread of fake news across media platforms, and its negative effects on society.

2. The Ministers and senior officials agreed to launch the Angkor Fake News Initiative, a year-long research initiative on fake news and its impact on society. The Asia Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development and UNESCO in partnership with AIBD members and partners are taking the lead in this endeavor. The research findings and recommendations will help create a mechanism of legislation in member countries and beyond for appropriate remedial measures to fight the menace of fake news which is now rampant in all parts of the world.

3. The Ministers and senior officials also decided to use the annual Asia Media Summit as a permanent platform for ministers and media stakeholders in Asia Pacific Region to examine other critical media issues, including challenges and opportunities in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

4. The Ministers and senior officials also agreed to hold a special meeting of Information Ministers from Asia Pacific with the participation of key AIBD partners in Samoa in September 2019. They were unanimous that Asia-Pacific needs a road map to counter fake news, stressing that the region should come together on this phenomenon for the protection of harmonious and inclusive societies. The AIBD will send a proposal to Samoa in 15 days to move this event forward.

5. Aside from measures to combat Fake News, the Ministers and senior officials also agreed to discuss in the ministerial meeting how best to help communities that have not been benefited by digitization. There is a need to examine the role of and support for public service broadcasting to be able to serve especially those disadvantaged in society.

6. The Ministers and senior officials look forward to your continued cooperation and support.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press