KUALA LUMPUR, Former world para archery champion S. Suresh hopes the hot weather predicted to hit Paris during the 2024 Paralympic Games will bring him luck after coming home empty-handed from the Tokyo 2020 edition. It looks like a case of 'when the going gets hot, the cool get going' as Suresh, who was eliminated early in Tokyo, said that he is confident of taking on the sweltering challenge in Paris with better accuracy in shooting to land a podium pot. 'I've been watching the news in France. At the moment it's quite hot, so I hope I can hold on and this weather will help me (to outlast the field). 'This time I think I can go for a medal … if I have the fortune I can bring gold (back),' said the 2019 World Para Archery men's recurve champion after the launch ceremony of the '50 Days Countdown Paris 2024 Paralympic Games' here today. International media reports said summer temperatures in Paris this time are predicted to be higher than previous records of around 25 to 42 degrees Celsius, with concerns expressed over health risks from cramps, fatigue and heat stroke. Suresh said the competition at the 2024 Paralympic Games will be more balanced compared to the time he made his debut at Tokyo 2020. The 31-year-old archer said all his rivals including from France, Thailand, Indonesia and India have an equal chance to win in the competition at the Esplanade des Invalides. 'In the past, it was possible to predict which countries were dangerous, but this time, on average, almost all are strong, including India, which is at its peak. 'Opportunities are quite equal but only athletes who have strong mental endurance and can control fear can advance further,' he said. At Tokyo 2020, the Kedah-born archer fell to Russian Paralympic Committee representative Bato Tsydendorzhiev 2-6 in the 1/16 elimination stage. The Paris Paralympic Games are scheduled to take place from Aug 28 to Sept 8. Source: BERNAMA News Agency