25GS-PON Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group doubles in size with additions of new members including Proximus, OptiComm, INEA and CableLabs

25GS-PON Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Group doubles in size with additions of new members including Proximus, OptiComm, INEA and CableLabs

  • Over the past four months, the 25 Gigabit Symmetric PON Multi-Source Agreement (25GS-PON MSA) Group membership has doubled to 34
  • Strong support of operators and leading cable industry organization highlights service provider demand for 25GS-PON technology
  • Industry group brings together the complete industry ecosystem to define and promote next-generation 25GS-PON technology in support of emerging 5G and commercial requirements at cost-effective price targets
  • Broad geographic representation of new members demonstrates global interest in and applicability of 25GS-PON

July 22, 2021

The 25GS-PON MSA Group today announced the addition of seventeen new member organizations, including service providers Proximus, OptiComm, and INEA, as well as CableLabs, the cable industry’s leading innovation and R&D lab. With this announcement, the 25GS-PON MSA now has 34 members, doubling in size in just four months.

The wide-reaching membership support for the 25GS-PON MSA shows a strong market and industry interest in 25GS-PON technology. Together, the 25GS-PON MSA Group members represent the complete industry ecosystem. In addition to the operators and service provider organizations, new members including ALPHA, Asia Optical, BFW, CZT, DZS, EXFO, EZconn, Gemtek, JPC, MT2, Pegatron, SiFotonics, and WNC comprise system, optical device, semiconductor, component, and test and measurement vendors, as well as design and manufacturing service companies.

“25G PON technology is arriving at just the right time,” said Chris DePuy, Technology Analyst at 650 Group. “The technology provides a path forward for operators seeking to leverage their existing fiber network to deliver the capacity and broadband speeds essential for cost-effective anyhaul support for 5G densification and enhanced services for large enterprises. It’s evident that the 25GS-PON MSA group’s ability to get in front of the market and establish specifications early for the technology is now leading to its rapid membership growth.”

Proximus, the leading provider of fixed broadband networks in Belgium, deployed the world’s first live 25G network on May 26, 2021.

The 25GS-PON MSA was first announced on October 8, 2020 with the goal of promoting and accelerating the development of 25GS-PON technology. Since its formation, the 25GS-PON MSA Group has published version 1.0 of the 25 Gigabit Symmetrical Passive Optical Network specification, providing the basis for how 25GS-PON should be implemented to ensure basic functionality and interoperability across different vendors.

Previously announced members include AOI, AT&T, Chorus, Chunghwa Telecom, Ciena, Commscope, Cortina Access, Feneck, HiLight Semiconductor, Hisense, MACOM, MaxLinear, NBN Co., Nokia, Semtech, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and Tibit Communications.

Information regarding the 25GS-PON Group, including a copy of the 25GS-PON v1.0 specification, is published at www.25gspon-msa.org. The 25GS-PON MSA Group invites other industry leaders to join the group to advance the technology and market. To express interest, follow the link on the 25GS-PON MSA website or send an email to info@25gspon-msa.org.

About 25G PON

25G PON is considered to be the next step in PON evolution:

  • Driven by concrete demand and use cases, including 5G transport, advanced enterprise applications, and wholesaling services
  • Delivers a 250% increase in capacity over today’s 10 Gb/s XGS-PON and can deliver true 10 Gb/s symmetrical services
  • Leverages mature, high-volume data center optical technology, enabling quick and cost-efficient implementation
  • Simultaneously co-exists with GPON, XGS-PON, and both GPON and XGS-PON on the same fiber and existing outside plant
  • All necessary components and technologies are in use and readily available

New Member Comments

Asia Optical: “We are excited to join the 25GS-PON MSA Group and look forward to cooperating with the other global partners. Our involvement with the MSA will allow us to participate in the evolving market for cost-effective, next-generation PON solutions. We are ready to serve our industry-leading customers as a one-stop source for high-performance, optical solutions.”

BFW: “BFW is very excited to join 25GS-PON MSA, working with partners to shape this next-generation PON technology. As a major provider for XGS-PON and GPON CPE devices, we are grateful to have the opportunity to be among the leaders of this evolution.”

CZT: “As a respected supplier of interconnects for many years, we are proud to join the 25GS-PON MSA, working with other industry leaders to define the next generation of PON. We look forward to leveraging our abilities and experience with XGS-PON as we seek to deliver optimized 25G PON solutions to our customers.”

DZS: “New services and applications, accelerating demand, emerging technologies, and network convergence continue to drive PON’s evolution, and 25 Gbps is the next natural stepping stone along this path. As a company, DZS is committed to industry standards and freedom of choice for our global customers, so it is extremely important for us to be present early in the process of bringing next generation technologies toward mass deployment. We are excited and proud to be a part of the 25GS-PON MSA Group and look forward to making our contributions to the ramp-up of this important technology.”

EXFO: “As a leader in transceiver testing, we are delighted to have EXFO join the 25GS-PON MSA Group. We are committed to sharing our technical expertise with this next generation of PON technology initiative. This organization fosters critical collaboration to provide the best guidance and practices, which are required to manufacture a solid solution that will allow faster worldwide FTTx communication.”

EZconn: “As a long time, leading component and module supplier in the PON market, EZconn looks forward to working with the other members in the 25GS-PON MSA to jointly drive PON technology to the next stage. With emerging applications requiring more than 10 gigabits per second, and building on our GPON and XGS-PON expertise, we plan to offer our market-leading customers standardized 25G symmetrical solutions to cost-effectively boost their fiber broadband capacity.”

JPC: “It is our honor to be part of 25GS-PON MSA. As a reputed company in providing interconnects to the industry. For decades, JPC has been committed to offering optimized optical solution to our customers. We look forward to cooperating with partners, customers and friends from the 25GS-PON MSA to explore new applications and opportunities in this field.”

MT2: “MT2 is thrilled to join with other experts from the industry in the 25GS-PON MSA to work together on the next PON evolution. MT2 plans to develop a new generation of PON analyzer and OLT/ONU emulator to support the development and deployment of 25GS-PON, the next step in PON fiber technology.”

SiFotonics: “We are happy to support 25GS-PON as a next-generation solution for applications including 5G xhaul. SiFotonics specializes in highly differentiated silicon photonic technologies for broad datacom and telecom applications, and we look forward to accelerating the deployment of 25GS-PON by providing technology and product support based on our proven, industry-leading, high-sensitivity Ge/Si APD.”

About the 25GS-PON MSA

The 25GS-PON Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) brings together major operators along with leading system and component vendors, to promote and accelerate the development and deployment of 25 Gigabit Symmetric Passive Optical Network (25GS-PON) technology. 25GS-PON meets the needs of the mobile 5G era and large-scale enterprises, providing communications service providers with the most cost-effective and timely evolution path for PON fiber technology. Current members include ALPHA, AOI, Asia Optical, AT&T, BFW, CableLabs, Chorus, Chunghwa Telecom, Ciena, CommScope, Cortina Access, CZT, DZS, EXFO, EZconn, Feneck, Gemtek, HiLight Semiconductor, Hisense Broadband, INEA, JPC, MACOM, MaxLinear, MT2, NBN Co., Nokia, OptiComm, Pegatron, Proximus, Semtech, SiFotonics, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd, Tibit Communications, and WNC.

For more information, or to express interest in joining the 25GS-PON MSA, visit www.25gspon-msa.org and follow us on Twitter @25gspon_msa.

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