297 Boats Registered for Races during Water Festival

A total of 297 boats of 19,214 rowers from different provinces and capital city have been registered to join the race during the annual Water Festival on Nov. 10-12, according to the National Committee for National and International Festivals.

In pair, all the boats registered will challenge each other within the length of 1,700 kilometres on Tonle Sap River, in front of the Royal Palace in the three afternoons.

In addition, 14 illuminated boats, representing different ministries and institutions including the Royal Palace, Senate, National Assembly, Government, Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Interior, and so on, will join to beautify the river at night time during the three-day celebration.

In addition, there will be the display of fireworks during the night after the boat races to make the annual event more joyful.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press