Some 60 per cent of officers in the Public Service Department’s exit policy list were successfully reinstated and remained in service after displaying better performance and motivation.

The exit policy is to terminate the services and retire low-performing officers from the public service with an annual performance rating of less than 60 per cent and below target key performance indicators (KPI).

Chief Secretary to the Government (KSN) Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali said the policy, introduced since 2015, showed that the role of psychological officers had a significant impact in helping civil servants maintain their usefulness and high performance.

“Psychological services are now the main core in managing human resources because the element of well-being is a determinant of service excellence," he said when speaking at the opening ceremony of the 27th Public Service Psychology Conference of 2023 here today.

Therefore, to ensure psychological well-being throughout the service, psychological services need to be involved in the core business of ministries, departments and agencies because all clients need to be respected and their needs understood.

“This is also in line with the care and compassion element in the MADANI agenda that we want to achieve,” he said.

“At the same event, Mohd Zuki also launched the Value Champion Officer (VCO) initiative by appointing 15 officers from ministries, departments, the state secretary's office and local authorities to preserve the cultivation of pure values in the public service through the best examples in the organisation.

In a statement distributed by the Public Service Department, it was announced that the VCO will be fully implemented from next year as an initiative that is in line with the Malaysia MADANI Strategic Framework in excelling in high standards of performance, quality and ethical conduct among civil servants.


Source: BERNAMA News Agency