A Herd of wild Asian Elephants Videotaped in Mondulkiri Province

About 13 wild Asian elephants have been recently found in Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri, a northeastern province of Cambodia.

“It is such a fascinating wildlife encounter! WWF’s wildlife researchers had a close encounter with a herd of wild Asian elephants in mid-April, while they were monitoring wildlife in the WWF’s supported Srepok Wildlife Sanctuary, under the management of the Mondulkiri Provincial Department of Environment of the Ministry of Environment,” said WWF-Cambodia in a statement released this afternoon.  

WWF’s scientists described that there were about 5 adults, 4 calves and about 4 juveniles Asian elephants captured in this video.

The calves were observed to stay alongside their mothers, with some of them put the trunk on the side of the mom, while the herd was resting peacefully in this deciduous dipterocarp forest, said the statement.

This video clip, which was taken by member of the researchers group from a branch of a tree (safe high ground), contributed an evidence of the presence of the Asian elephant in the protected area and their reproduction, underlined the same source.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press