Addressing HIV/AIDS Stigma

National AIDS Authority (NAA) has hosted a dissemination workshop to further address HIV/AIDS stigma in Cambodia.

H.E. Ieng Mouly, Senior Minister and President of the National AIDS Authority, chaired the opening of the gathering yesterday morning along with delegates and representatives of concerned authorities and development partners.

Along with new effort to rollout No HIV Infection policy and No AIDS Deaths commitment, the government is also aiming to eliminate stigma and discrimination against those living with the disease � the aim of the workshop, he said.

According to H.E. Ieng Mouly, since 1990 until now, some 100,000 Cambodians have been killed by AIDS and currently about 70,000 are living with HIV � 60,630 of them are receiving antiretroviral therapy treatment against opportunistic diseases.

Some of those who are living with HIV, added the senior minister, are still facing social stigma and some discrimination, and the government is working hard to address this.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press