Agro Products Exporters to China Asked to Register for SPS Certification

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries has called on exporters of prioritised agricultural products from Cambodia to China to register for sanitary and phytosanitory (SPS) ceritification, as Cambodia and China have set to open negotiation over exports.

The ministry's statement issued recently explained that the registration for SPS certification means to meet China's import requirements for the products, easing technical officials to make site visit to inspect the farm and processing.

Cambodian products must adhere to China's sanitary and phytosanitary requirements and food regulation before being exported to China, the ministry underlined.

The owners of processing factories of agricultural products, and owners of farms who want to export their produce to Chinese market have to register at the ministry's General Directorate of Agriculture, wherein they will be given advice to get prepared for the certification.

To ensure that the negotiation is smooth, Cambodia must meet all technical criteria before inspections begin, continued the statement.

The six selected agricultural products to be exported to China are fresh mango, longan, pepper, dragon fruit, fragrant coconut, and bird nest.

Currently, Cambodia exports cassava, maize, milled rice, and banana to markets in China.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press