Almost 6 Million Tonnes of Agricultural Products Exported during First Nine Months

Cambodia exported a total of 5.8 million tonnes of agricultural products to foreign markets during the first nine months of this year, despite the global COVID-19 crisis.

Report from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries shows that the exported agricultural products included rice, cassava, cashew nuts, corn, fresh banana, pomelos, mangos, pepper, chili, and so on.

Cambodia’s main agricultural products exported in the mentioned period include some 488.775 tonnes of rice, 1.780.496 tonnes of fresh cassava, 1,202,644 tonnes of dry cassava, 12,000 tonnes of cassava starch, 204.208 tonnes of cashew nuts, almost 200.000 tonnes of corn, some 235.000 tonnes of fresh bananas, about 63.000 tonnes of fresh mangos, over 55.000 tonnes of chili, and more than 4,000 tonnes of pepper.

Major markets for the Kingdom’s agricultural products include China, EU, ASEAN countries, India, Japan, Korea, Russia, Australia and some other countries.



Source: Agency Kampuchea Press