Apsara Authority Kick-Starts Ambitious Tree-Planting Campaign

Apsara Authority is announcing an ambitious campaign to plant 40,000 trees in Angkor Archaeological Park of Siem Reap province to further promote the area's green environment.

The authority's notification circulated recently intends to engage the public in the campaign commencing this month.

The tree-planting campaign aims to preserve forest as well as cultural scenery in Angkor Archaeological Park threatened by natural causes and deforestation by some individuals, wrote the statement.

It adds that the restoration of the forest cover in the area will provide protection to both the people and ancient temples, particularly from climate change and natural incidents.

The authority has listed in the notification six locations of nearly 35 hectares of land where the tree-planting campaign is focusing on.

Apsara Authority is a state agency responsible for the research, protection and conservation of cultural heritage around Angkor, as well as urban planning in Siem Reap and tourism development in the region.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press