Boeung Yeak Laom Community Officially Recognised

Boeung Yeak Laom Community in the northeastern Rattanakiri province has been recognised by the Ministry of Environment.

Official ceremony for recognition of the community took place recently in the presence of H.E. Khieu Borin, the Ministry of Environment’s Director General of Local Community.

The recognition is aimed to encourage and increase local participation in preserving natural resources and biodiversity in the area to achieve sustainable ecotourism.

Boeung Yeak Laom Community consists of five villages of 637 families.

In June last year, the Royal Government of Cambodia announced the creation of Boeung Yeak Laom or Yeak Laom Lake multi-use area covering an area of 225 hectares in Sangkat Yak Lom, Banlong city, Rattanakiri province, some 580 kilometres northeast of Phnom Penh capital.

The protection of natural habitats, ecosystems, biodiversity and other natural resources, maintaining of environmental balance, contribution to the reduction of climate change and natural disaster risks, and encouragement of local communities as well as all stakeholders to participate in the protection, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources are among the main purposes of the creation of Boeung Yeak Laom multi-use area.

Yeak Laom is an attractive site in the province. It is not far from town and great for a swim, picnic, or hike around the crater rim of the old volcano. With tremendous depth of 48 metres, Yeak Laom’s water is exceptionally clean and crystal clear. The lake is almost perfectly round and measures around 750 metres in diameter.



Source: Agency Kampuchea Press