Cambodia, Russia Boosting Mutual Legal Assistance to Curb Crimes

Cambodia and Russia are enhancing cooperation on mutual legal assistance to curb crimes on the principles of non-interference in internal affairs and solidarity.

The update was shared following the endorsement of the draft law on approval on Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Russian Federation by the 6th session of the 4th legislature of Cambodian Senate recently.

The session took place at the Senate of Cambodia here in Phnom Penh under the presidency of H.E. Sim Ka, Acting President of Senate.

According to H.E. Mam Bunneang, Senator and Spokesperson of the Senate, the draft law is crucial for the two countries to establish a judicial framework for travel.

It will also ease the implementation of the mutual legal assistance request in order to facilitate the investigation process and judicial procedure.

The draft law is made in line to the article 38 and new article 113 of the constitution.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press