Cambodian Muslims Allowed to Resume Religious Activities from Next Week

Muslims across Cambodia will be allowed to resume their religious activities in mosques and suraus from Sept. 11, onwards.

The move will be made in different stages and with strict preventive measures, underlined a press release of the Ministry of Health made public yesterday, following the written approval of Samdech Techo Prime Minister dated Sept. 5 at the ministry's request.

According to the press release, attendance at mosques and suraus in villages where Muslims live permanently must strictly adhere to the rules set out by the Ministry of Health, such as:

1) Wear a mask, take temperature, wash hands with soap, alcohol- or gel-based sanitizers regularly and keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres;

2) A Muslim must bring a prayer mat/rug from home for their own use;

3) Prevent children and sick people from the assembly;

4) Avoid shaking hands when greeting. Instead, greet people with a wave, saying Islamic greetings, and break up immediately after the end of the 20-30-minute service;

5) Friday worship service is a brief prayer of no more than 30 minutes; and

6) Social distancing must be maintained by allowing worship at about 30 percent of each mosque site.

"Islamic leaders are advised to begin this step-by-step process on Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 with a trial period of 4 Fridays, and then start worshipping in suraus by consistently following the Ministry of Health's public health measures. The Islamic Council must monitor the implementation of the service reopening as thoroughly as possible. In the event of a suspect case of COVID-19, each mosque leadership should immediately report it to the nearest local authority or health centre," underlined the same source.

Cambodia reported no new case of COVID-19 for six days in a row. The total number of confirmed cases remains at 274, of them, 272 or 99.27 percent have been recovered successfully.

There have been so far zero case of community transmission recorded in the Kingdom. The pandemic has been effectively kept under control. As a result, the Royal Government has authorised the resumption of schools (in stages), some sport activities ..., and encouraged domestic tourism in a controlled manner.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press