Cambodia’s Schools, Students and Teachers in Numbers

Cambodia has a total of 14,522 kindergartens, primary and high schools about 13,300 of them are state-run.

The figure was shared by H.E. Dy Khamboly, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in a press conference here in Phnom Penh recently.

Of the public schools, 4,301 are kindergartens, 7,228 primary schools, 1,246 lower secondary schools and 525 higher secondary schools.

There are currently 125 universities and institutions throughout the country 48 of them are state-owned attended by some 210,000 students, and 46.63 percent of them are female, he continued.

The number of students schooling from kindergarten to university levels is 3,189,712, including 1,577,271 or 49.50 percent female students.

Cambodia has 121,680 education officials, and 93,703 of them are teachers and professors and 52 percent are women.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press