Centre for AI Innovation Launched

The Centre for AI Innovation (CEAI) was officially launched on Monday aiming to encourage professionals, policy makers, volunteers and students who are not trained in AI and machine learning to learn about the applications of AI and to create solutions on a no-code, low-code platform with their domain specialisation.

Under the partnership with Emaan Foundation Cambodia and impact measurement partner, Sofinaa, the CEAI will promote inclusivity in learning the practical applications of AI as part of social innovation, with the goal of ensuring that 95 percent of people in Cambodia can access knowledge, understanding and applications of AI through the Centre.

“The CEAI is a game changer for Cambodia,” said Prof. M Nazri, Founder and Chairman of CEAI, Global. “By providing access to AI education and resources, we are empowering individuals and organisations to drive innovation and progress in the country.”

The CEAI will also organise virtual and physical events, including networking, workshops, dialogues, and topics based on current and future issues faced by Cambodia in order to develop solutions and roadmaps to address them.

“The CEAI will bridge the gap in AI education and provide opportunities for all Cambodians to participate in the digital economy,” said Mr. Sales Salas, Director of Emaan Foundation Cambodia.

The formation of the CEAI is a crucial step towards making Cambodia ready for Industry 4.0 and for empowering its people to work well with technology and drive the country’s future. With the gradual adoption of AI in Cambodia, industries will be able to achieve higher productivity and efficiency.

The CEAI will also provide expertise and access to international advisors through the Centre, which will be an invaluable asset for Cambodia.

With the transfer of knowledge and global best practices from Singapore, CEAI will provide the necessary tools, expertise and resources for Cambodian leaders to make data-driven decisions that will drive economic growth, improve infrastructure and strengthen healthcare.

CEAI will also provide an opportunity to learn from Singapore’s successful AI initiatives, and apply these global best practices to address the specific needs of Cambodia.

This collaboration between Singapore and Cambodia will help Cambodia to leapfrog into the digital age and build a better future for all its citizens,” said Lok Oknha Lim Bunsour, Chairman for CEAI Cambodia and Chairman at AZ Group of Companies.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press