Civil Society Youth Group Calls for Ending False Allegations

Civil Society Youth group in Cambodia has called for the ending of false allegations of their works toward national development made by anti-government media outlets, NGOs, and associations.

In a statement issued on Feb 23, the Civil Society Youth group said that the extreme false allegations have undermined their honour and dignity and created injustice to them.

“We call on the opposition media, organisations, associations to end the rift that separates Cambodians and Cambodians, and to stop insulting and hurting others, just because we do not support their ideas or their opposition politicians,” read the statement.

They also appealed to the anti-government national and international media outlets, especially the youths of hybrid civil society organisations, to change their views and embrace diversity in society to contribute to building our poor nation, better than to figure out ways to draw up plans for different destructive activities that hinder the national development of the Royal Government of Cambodia.

“Please use your valuable time and knowledge for the benefit and dignity and contribute to building the society rather than creating pain for others because this is an unfortunate act,” the statement added.

The Civil Society Youth group is also committed to continue to acquire knowledge and skills in order to contribute to building the motherland and continue to spread the nation’s good achievements to the world, the statement concluded.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press