COVID-19 emergency response – Asia Pacific Regional situation report #18, 13 August, 2020

Situation Overview

COVID-19 Cases: 2,777,910
COVID-19 Deaths: 59,453

World Vision Asia-Pacific’s early recovery assessment report has received a lot of interest among various stakeholders, triggering a series of webinars that are being organised. External regional webinars are being planned, in collaboration with UN agencies and other external stakeholders, to highlight assessment results primarily focusing on the loss of livelihood, social and child protection issues. World Vision is also working to bring these key findings from Asia to heads of UN agencies at the global level.

Livelihood will be the lead focus of World Vision’s recovery planning, since it has a significant impact on other sectors, including access to basic services and protection. World Vision’s assessment report highlights the need to support micro, small, and medium enterprises to achieve business continuity through flexible finance.

The universal access to affordable housing, healthcare, child protection, education, social protection for the most vulnerable is also of paramount importance. Field offices are also supporting sustainable income generation opportunities for the urban poor in national and local development plans beyond the COVID-19 crisis.



Source: World Vision