“Doeum Chheu Cham Sne”, Not Man-Made Tree, but a Miracle

The presence of a big tree known as “Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” in the middle of newly-constructed road to Sihanoukville of Preah Sihanouk province is not a man-made tree, but a miracle for the locals and tourists.

“Doeum Chheu Cham Sne”, which literally means “Waiting for Love Tree”, is a miracle because the tree grows in the middle of Acacia forest in the area of Yeay Mao (Grandma Mao) beach and has been found by a construction team while paving the way around, Mr. Kheang Phearom, Spokesperson of Preah Sihanouk provincial administration told AKP.

According to Mr. Kheang Phearom, “Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” actually is a kind of Banyan tree with smaller leaves called by local people as “Doeum Chrey Trang” (Ficus benghalensis). It is the only tree of such species in the middle of Acacia forest.

As it is a unique tree, the provincial leaders have decided to keep it, and then when Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen paid an inspection visit to the road construction site on June 1, 2020, he named the tree “Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” and a big rock not far from this tree “Sela Cham Sne”, literally meaning “Waiting for Love Rock”.

Mr. Taing Socheth Krisna, Director of Preah Sihanouk Provincial Tourism Department said “Doeum Chheu Cham Sne” and “Sela Cham Sne” are the new popular tourism hot spot for the locals and tourists.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press