EU Applauds Cambodia’s Plastic Reduction Campaign Progress

The European Union (EU) has commended Cambodia's Ministry of Environment for the noticeable progress of its plastic reduction campaign. The appreciation was highlighted by H.E. Igor Driesmans, EU Ambassador to Cambodia, during his meeting with H.E. Eang Sophalleth, Minister of Environment in Phnom Penh, on Jan. 11. H.E. Igor Driesmans supported the campaign titled 'Today, I Do Not Use Plastic Bags,' which contributes essentially to addressing the impacts of global climate change. H.E. Eang Sophalleth briefed his guest on the ministry's Circular Strategy, which serves as a roadmap to keep Cambodia clean, green, and sustainable. The first phase of the plastic reduction campaign led by the environment ministry has attracted the participation of over 4 million students and workers across Cambodia, he said. The ministry will continue the second phase of the campaign titled 'Joining Together to Clean Plastic Waste on Land, Water, and Air' towards a carbon-neutral Cambodia by 2050. The minister also thanked t he EU as a major supporter of Cambodia's environment. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse