First Sarus Crane Nest Found in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary in 2021 Breeding Season

The first crane nest with two eggs was found by BirdLife’s biodiversity monitoring team in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary on June 25, 2021, during the 2021 breeding season.

This was a second nest found in this wildlife sanctuary in the last three years, the first nest was found in 2019, but failed due to the egg robbery, pointed out BirdLife International Cambodia Programme.

"After the nest was found, our field staff conducted regular monitoring and decided to introduce the nest guardian, however on the day the guardian started his work, we found the nest was destroyed with evidence of the remaining eggshell and traces of wild pigs around. Our field team has included that this nest was failed due to the wild pigs destroying it," it said.

Grassland in Lomphat Wildlife Sanctuary is an important nesting habitat of Sarus crane, however, the risk is high due to the increase in the level of disturbance.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press