Food, a Key Cultural Ambassador

Food is an ambassador of local culture and identity to national and international visitors because it is a tourism product or service and a tourism market share.

The remarks were made by H.E. Pak Sokhom, Secretary of State for Tourism, while presiding over the opening ceremony of the three-day Wonderful 28 - Lifestyle, Wine & Dine Expo 2019 held here at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday.

Tourism and food are interrelated, he underlined, adding that food tourism has been promoted in order to attract more tourists as well as to encourage them to stay longer.

H.E. Pak Sokhom also laid stress on the importance of tourism, saying that it is an effective catalyst for boosting peace, globalisation, regional integration, and relations between nations and between peoples.

According to its online source, organised by International Finance & Economic Association (InFEA), with strong support from the Ministries of Tourism and Commerce, Wonderful 28 - Lifestyle, Wine & Dine Expo 2019 is the biggest much-loved lifestyle food & beverage event that brings together local and international bar, cafes, restaurants, fresh food outlets and entertainments.

This event aims to promote local and international businesses, as well as creating a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere for people of all ages and nationalities to enjoy.

Last year, some 6.2 million foreign tourists visited Cambodia, up 10.7 percent compared to 2017, generating about US$4,365 million as national income, or 12.7 percent of GDP, and creating some 620,000 direct jobs for the locals, or 13 percent of the total employment.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press