KOTA KINABALU, Chief Minister Datuk Seri Hajiji Noor called on the largest and oldest Islamic association in the state, United Sabah Islamic Association (USIA), to help equip the youth of Sabah with education.

In addition to academic education, he said, USIA has the capacity to also equip the youth with technical skills and religious knowledge to prepare them as successors for the continuity of 'dakwah’ and 'tarbiyyah’ in the state and the country.

He said USIA should fully utilise its expertise to attract youths to enhance their skills on par with current needs and encourage them to engage in community and 'dakwah’ activities.

"USIA can also assist the government in reviving the country's economy through business networks, such as retail sales, establishing cooperatives, and other entrepreneurial activities," he said in a statement, in conjunction with the 37th Annual General Assembly of USIA Representatives, here today.

Hajiji said the strength of USIA, which has 29 divisions in Sabah, lies in its ability to play a role in reinforcing 'ukhuwah silaturrahim' (close ties) among its members and the multi-racial community of Sabah.

USIA was registered on Oct 10, 1969, and plays a major role in uniting the Muslims and people of Sabah to create a society with high moral character.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency