A total of 25 pupils of Sri Seroja Kampung Bertam Baru Community Development Department (Kemas) preschool here, successfully produced a replica of the Jalur Gemilang with the use of egg trays.

Their teacher, Siti Arfah Inche Jaafar, 30, said the replica was created to invigorate the spirit and create a festive atmosphere to celebrate this year's National Month.

"The making of the Jalur Gemilang indirectly forms an early education learning activity for the children.

"Their parents and the village community also pulled their weight so the replica could be completed in less than two hours," she said when met by reporters at the kindergarten here yesterday.

Siti Arfah said the idea to make the Jalur Gemilang from reusable egg trays came about because she wanted to do something different which is also a form of learning that serves as a memory booster for preschoolers.

"Thanks to the cooperation of all parties, the process of completing the Jalur Gemilang did not take long and the children remained enthusiastic as they went about colouring and putting together the egg trays," she said.

Meanwhile, Kemas Sri Seroja chairman Naim Sulaiman said he was proud of the commitment shown by the parents and staff as an initiative to promote the spirit of patriotism and instill love for the nation from an early age.

"This place is actually historic as it was part of the Communist and Japanese rule, so this kind of activity can arouse an emotional connection among the older generation in Kampung Bertam.

"We had two fortresses during the British era and there is a police station here believed to be the oldest in Kelantan," he said.

He added that the village also has a historical significance during the communist era.

"In 1943, a man named Nik Jaafar Nik Soh fled from Bandar Gua Musang to Bertam Baru police station to ask for help after the town was attacked by communists," he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency