About 60 Malaysian students who are continuing their studies at the Islamic University of Madinah have been engaged by Tabung Haji (TH) to become muzawwir (guides) to help out in the pilgrimage activities of Malaysian pilgrims here.

A muzawwir will be allocated for each pilgrim bus to explain the history of Madinah and places they visit such as the Quba Mosque and the battlefield of Uhud.

Saudi Arabian Malaysian Students Association Madinah branch (Persada) deputy head Ukail Ahmad Sanif, 26, said the involvement of Islamic University of Madinah students aims to englighten the pilgrims on the pilgrimage.

"We bring the story from a different angle, we tell the correct and authentic sirah facts and at the same time use those facts to make us closer to Allah SWT," he said when met by reporters here.

The fifth semester Bachelor of Sharia (Hanbali Fiqh) student from Klang, Selangor said that previously, the students did the initiative individually before it became an annual Persada event for the past few years to give the best to the Malaysian pilgrims.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Syirazi Iqbal, 22, a third semester Bachelor's Degree in Dakwah and Usuluddin student, said this was his first experience as a muzawwir and he felt happy because he was able to interact with Malaysians.

"Most of us students here return to Malaysia once a year or once in two years, so interacting with these pilgrims us feel closer to Malaysia," said Ahmad Syirazi , who hails from Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency