Ministry of Environment: More Action Should Be Taken Against Plastic Waste

Secretary of State and Spokesperson at the Ministry of Environment H.E. Neth Pheaktra called for more action to reduce plastic waste in the country.

At a National Forum on Action against Plastic Waste in Cambodia held here yesterday, H.E. Neth Pheaktra said 20 percent of the total 4 million tonnes of waste is plastic, it is therefore the responsibility of all to determine prioritised action to tackle the plastic waste issue.

According to the spokesperson, Cambodia lacks proper waste management mechanisms to separate the collection of plastic waste for recycling, and only a small amount of plastic waste are recycled while the remaining are sent to neighbouring countries to be processed.

The ministry's records show that Phnom Penh alone generated more than 3,000 tonnes of waste, 17.3 percent of which is plastic, followed by Sihanoukville 700 tonnes, 34 percent of which is plastic, and Siem Reap provincial city 380 tonnes, 20.7 percent of which is plastic.

The report added that the amount of waste produced in the Kingdom is more than 10,000 tonnes per day.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press