More Tree Planting Aimed in the Coming Rainy Season

APSARA National Authority is planning to produce seedlings of various plants and hand out 110,000 of them in Siem Reap to promote greenness in the tourist and ancient province.
The update was shared recently by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, adding that the measure aims to increase forest areas at Angkor Archaeological Park.
According to Mr. Lei Kimsy, Expert of the authority’s Forestry, Cultural Landscapes, and Environmental Management Department, those plants include luxurious, decoration and fruit trees.
By far, the authority has four seedling production stations, including 8 Hectares, Prasat Takeo, Mondul III, and Balong supplying many kinds of trees.
Last year alone, APSARA National Authority handed out about 100,000 tree and plant seedlings.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press