NCMS Makes Clarification on Relocation of Tactical Command Headquarters 

The Secretariat of National Committee for Maritime Security (NCMS) has made a clarification on the relocation of the Tactical Command Headquarters of NCMS, following recent misinformation on various news outlets regarding the issue.

The full clarification dated Oct. 5 reads as follows:

“Since 2010 the NCMS Tactical Command Headquarters (TCH), which is an operational unit responsible for implementing multi-agency law enforcement, has temporarily set up its location in a small area within Ream Naval Base. Under the military cooperation programme along with international partners; the United States, and Australia, have provided support with small-scale infrastructure and training to Tactical Command Headquarters. Despite this, these TCH operations have provided mixed results, successes and difficulties, which require consideration for relocation.

Based on these findings, the Secretariat initiated a relocation plan in late 2017. Due to necessity and under the spirit of cooperation, the Secretariat informed and explained the reasons for this decision to international partners, particularly the United States, and have not received any official objection to this relocation plan.

This relocation is based on the following reasons:

The current TCH location belongs to the Royal Cambodian Navy, which is small in size, and limits the capacity of multi-agency operations. For instance, it has no docking facilities, limitations of further infrastructural expansion, and difficulty for non-military personnel to work in this particular restricted area.

As a national institution, the TCH requires an independent location which can facilitate and enhance its operations, interventions, and rescue efforts. In addition, the TCH needs to develop its capacity through infrastructure and operational effectiveness which cannot be achieved in its current location.

The new location, Koh Preab, is favourable for addressing all of the aforementioned issues. The NCMS Secretariat is constructing a new Tactical Command Headquarters, which is larger in scale, and will avoid any detrimental impact on the support provided by its international partners. This new location will facilitate increased operational efficiency through its own docking facilities, simplify liaison between relevant national institutions, provide freedom for further infrastructure expansion, and promote cooperation with international partners.

The NCMS Secretariat is strongly committed to keeping and promoting close cooperation with all international partners through transparency and respect of mutual interests. The NCMS warmly welcomes the participation of various international partners in order to enhance future operational capabilities of the TCH. We hope that the people of Cambodia, national, and international institutions will understand the genuine reasons behind this relocation process. Our ultimate objective is to increase NCMS capacity so that it complies with the Royal Government policy of managing Cambodia’s maritime security, and continues to strengthen international cooperation with transparency and respect of mutual interests.”


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press