New Bridge Planned to be Constructed crossing Kampong Bay River

The construction of new bridge crossing Kampong Bay River in Kampot province has been planned in order to facilitate travel of commuters and tourists as the existing bridge has aged and cannot support the increasing traffic flow.

The new bridge construction project was raised and discussed in a meeting held on July 23 at the provincial hall in the presence of H.E. Chev Tay, Kampot Provincial Governor and representative of China Road firm.

Mr. Oeung Chhay, Deputy Governor of Kampot province, told AKP on July 24 that the new bridge project is to reply to the growth of tourist arrivals causing traffic congestion, especially on the Kampong Bay existing bridge.

“As there is only one bridge, every Saturday and Sunday, the bridge is crowed, so the Kampot administration has a plan to build a new bridge to avoid traffic congestion,” he said.

“There is no detail information related to the new bridge construction, because it is in the stage of feasibility study,” he added.

According to Kampot provincial administration, H.E. Cheav Tay led a working group and China Road firm to study locations for building the new bridge.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press