Official: Relocation of Tonle Sap Residents Won’t Harm National Security

Government Spokesperson H.E. Phay Siphan has made it clear that the relocation of the residents living on Tonle Sap Lake in Kampong Chhnang province will not harm national security.

He made the clarification during a recent press conference here in Phnom Penh, following critics that those residents to be relocated are undocumented Vietnamese migrants, and the relocation means giving them the right to own land in Cambodia.

According to H.E. Phay Siphan, the relocation will be done only for documented migrants and those with Cambodian citizenship, and the new location is a rented plot of land of 40 hectares.

And the authorities at all levels at the new area located in Dambok Ko Koh village, Svay Chrum commune, Rolea Pha-ir district in Kampong Chhnang province are Cambodia, so the work will not cause any harm to the national security, he added.

According to the province's figure, there are a total of 4.563 households living on Tonle Sap Lake areas to be relocated, and of them 2.010 households or 9.168 members are Cambodians, 73 households or 242 members are Khmer Muslims, and 2.480 households or 10.311 members are Vietnamese migrants.

The relocation effort by the government has been carried out carefully not only to conserve national resources and biodiversity in the lake, but also to ensure national harmony and social security.

Yesterday, the Royal Government Spokesperson Unit issued a statement underling that the relocation is based on the principle of volunteering and own responsibility and concerned parties appreciated the implementation of relevant laws.

The contribution of the relocated population is a model cooperation with competent authorities and reflects their participation in the provincial development master plan.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press