Over 27,700 Cases Resolved in First 150 Days of Court Case Backlog Settlement Campaign

During the first 150 days of a campaign to handle court case backlog at all municipal and provincial courts across Cambodia, over 27,700 criminal cases have been completely resolved.

The update was shared in a recent press release of the Ministry of Justice, adding that the number represents about 71 percent of the total backlog cases in the country.

About 10,300 cases, equivalent to 82 percent of the total counts, have been heard.

Besides, the capital and provincial courts have also resolved more than 20,200 new cases or 61 percent during the same period.

Through strong commitment and good collaboration among the committees engaged in the campaign as well as the prosecutors of municipal and provincial courts, complete clearance of the backlog is expected by the end of 2020, underlined the press release.

The Ministry of Justice launched the campaign to resolve the court case backlog on May 18.

The campaign was intended to resolve excessive court cases, reduce overcrowded prisons, and promote the capacity and efficiency of the legal entities engaged in the court case proceedings.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press