PM Gives Seven-point Recommendations to All Journalists

At the 4th annual gathering and solidarity dinner with nearly 6,000 journalists, spokespersons and information officials from across the country, held here at Koh Pich Convention and Exhibition Centre yesterday evening, Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen recommended the journalists to play more active and effective role in contribution to the national development.

The Premier's seven-point recommendations are as follows:

First, all journalists must take part in maintaining peace for the nation's and people's interest, and in keeping political stability, security and social order through the implementation of Village-Commune Safety Policy. Moreover, they must contribute to ensuring macroeconomic stability by disseminating true information in countering to fake news on economic issue.

Second, all institutions, both at national and sub-national levels, must have a clear information mechanism such as spokesperson unit, website, Facebook and so on. The ministers as well as municipal/provincial governors must be highly responsible of information release.

Third, the media organisations as well as journalists must play a role as a bridge between the government and the people and vice-versa, both in terms of policy and development.

Fourth, all journalists must take part in combating negative acts, corruption, irregularities and social injustice.

Fifth, all journalists must participate in fighting against fake news through releasing true information. All radio and TV stations, websites, particularly online media, are required to timely act.

Sixth, be ready to convert analog into digital system by 2023 and complete the drafting of laws, regulations related to the information sector in this sixth-mandate government, especially the law on access to information which should be approved this year.

Seventh, information-related institutions must enhance their human resources in terms of knowledge and professional journalistic code of ethics.

Besides, Samdech Techo Hun Sen urged the journalists to stick to the slogan Do not violate the rights of others, do not distort the truth.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press