Rattanakiri Province Connected to Power Grid

Cambodia’s northeastern Rattanakiri province is finally connected to the grid as the high voltage transmission line was officially put into operation carrying power generated from the Lower Sesan dam 2.

H.E. Victor Jona, Director-General of Energy at the Ministry of Mines and Energy told AKP that the power connection to the grid will enable the province to have sufficient power supplies, from which the economy and other sectors will benefit.

“Through this new achievement, Rattanakiri province will boost its economic activities generating jobs to people, because Rattanakiri is a border province and the demand for energy will increase in the future,” he said.

Electricité du Cambodge (EDC) launched last week the 230-kilowatt high-voltage transmission line –about 102 kilometres from Sesan Dam 2 in Stung Treng province and a new 230-kilowatt grid substation in Rattanakiri province over last weekend.

The transmission line currently carries power of 50 megawatts from the hydropower station in Stung Treng province to Rattanakiri province.

Once demand for electricity consumption in Rattanakiri province increases, the high voltage transmission line is able to carry power of 100 to 200 megawatts to meet the demand, he said.

Previously, Rattanakiri province had used power from Vietnam, through a 35-kilowatt transmission line and a 22-kilowatt transmission line from Lower Sesan dam 2, which had made the power supplies in the province unstable, H.E. Victor Jona added.

The EDC is continuing construction works of building high voltage transmission line to Mondulkiri province.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press