The Regent of Perlis Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra Jamalullail today launched SUKA, a brand of products produced by the Narcotics Addiction Rehabilitation Centre (PUSPEN).

He was greeted at the launch ceremony by National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK) director-general Sutekno Ahmad Belon and Bukit Chabang PUSPEN director Mohamad Zaki Farkhi Ahmad.

Sutekno said the SUKA brand which stands for 'Sokongan Untuk Pemulihan Anda' (Support For Your Recovery) is used by AADK to market products produced by its clients (PUSPEN trainees). These products include agriculture and food products as well as those used in welding and sewing among others.

"We invite the community to also support the efforts of PUSPEN trainees to build a new life and be free from drugs,” he told reporters after the launching of SUKA products at Bukit Chabang PUSPEN today.

He said so far there are more than 10 items that have been produced by 30 PUSPEN nationwide, and AADK expects sales to reach RM500,000 this year.

“There will be physical as well as online sales, and AADK will also create a business website to make it easier for the public to purchase the SUKA products," he said.

Meanwhile, Aman Mustapha, director of Jeli PUSPEN, Kelantan, said trainees in Jeli PUSPEN are working on agricultural products -- growing durian seedlings as one of the components in their rehabilitation treatment.

"The mixed durian seedlings venture was based on an idea by a client who is interested in agriculture, so we at PUSPEN provide guidance," he said.

He also said caring for the durian saplings helps to teach clients about self-care awareness so that they do not get lured back into drug abuse and the use of prohibited items.

"The durian seedlings need to be sown, fertilised and watered, and that is how our lives need to be taken care of too so as not to get entangled in things that are harmful such as drug abuse," he added.

Also sharing the same opinion was Rosland Hussen, director of the Gambang PUSPEN in Pahang, who said SUKA products help clients become more creative when they use reusable materials to produce products that have commercial value.

"In Gambang PUSPEN, we produce pest repellents for agricultural use," he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency