Repair of Sandstone Floor in Central Tower of Ta Prohm Completed

The repair of the sandstone floor in the central tower of Ta Prohm, conducted by the APSARA National Authority in cooperation with India, has been completed.

The restoration work started on Jan. 21, 2023 and ended on Feb. 22, said a news release of the APSARA National Authority.

Mr. Chan Lay of the India-Cambodia Cooperation Project for the Preservation and Restoration of Ta Prohm, said that in the process of preparing the sandstone floor in the central tower, the renovation team first moved the scattered sandstone to excavate to find the original location of those stones.

Then the team cleaned and repaired the stones as well as gathered some stones such as roof stones and other structural stones that have fallen and arranged to be safe for both stones and tourists and to be easy to be repositioned in the future if needed, he pointed out.

Mr. Chan Lay said that after preparing the sandstone floor, the team decided to take the pedestal made of sandstone, which is believed to have the role of holding the statue to put it back in its original position, which was moved in the past. To organise the tour, and to prevent the entry of various objects into the holes of the pedestal or fallen leaves, leading to the loss of value and maintaining good order, the team put clear glass from above, but the tourists can still see the shape of the pedestal normally.

Mr. Chan Lay added that due to the deep floor part of the central tower, which made it difficult for tourists to walk, the team put the wooden floor around the pedestal and the side to facilitate safe passage.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press