Round 9 Measures to Fight COVID-19 Released

The government has issued additional measures, "round nine", to contain COVID-19 infections and impacts threatening public health and key economic sectors.

Dated on June 29, the additional measures centred around issues such as the mitigation of COVID-19 impacts on socio-economy and community detection risks.

They cover the continuation of the implementation of previous measures valid for the current situation, including the effort to support the lifelines of business activities toward resiliency and the support to sustain the livelihood of the vulnerable struggling for their survival amidst the pandemic.

The measures also spell out assistances to aviation, transports and logistics sectors, like the exemption of minimum tax for another three months (July to September 2021) and of patent fees for 2021 and 2022.

While aiming at COVID-19 containment and response during the outbreak, the measures also enable the preparation for the recovery and fostered growth.

According to the release, the most hard hit sectors are garment and textile, aviation, tourism (including hospitality and restaurant).

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press