Ruling Party Hosts Centrist Democrat International Working Group Meeting

The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) hosted here on June 20 the second Centrist Democrat International (CDI) Working Group Meeting for the Establishment of the CDI Institute.

According to a press release issued at a press conference this late afternoon, the meeting was attended by a high-level CDI delegation from Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region led by President H.E. Andres Pastrana.

The meeting was to support the development of a concrete plan to strengthen ideas by establishing the CDI Institute, in addition to a discussion of cooperation initiatives and relevant issues.

The meeting took a unanimous decision on submitting a proposal to the CDI Executive Committee for the establishment of the CDI Institute to serve the interest and needs of CDI member parties.

The essence of the meeting leading to the endorsement of the CDI Institute can be explicitly expressed as due to a strong momentum and consensus among CDI leadership and CDI members parties that have recognised the significance of having its own think thank; a strong, continuous support by the CDI in favor of the interest of CDI member parties; and a tremendous amount of efforts and devotion of CDI members parties worldwide to forge closer and deeper cooperation among themselves, think thanks and scholars, and policymakers through connectivity, dialogues, and exchange of experience and expertise, trade, technology, innovation, and culture.

"This major achievement marks a historical milestone of CDI and is attributed to continuous cooperation, critical mass of support, and synergy we have advanced," said the press release.

Besides, the CDI delegate also recalled the CDI resolution urging the EU to treat Cambodia fairly which adopted in April 10, 2019 in Brussels as well.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press