Ruling Party Welcomes the Official Results of the 3rd Council Election

The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) has announced to accept the official results of the Election of Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils in May.

In its statement released this morning after the announcement of the official results by the National Election Committee (NEC), CPP said the 3rd Election of Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils was conducted on May 26, 2019 in a free, just and fair manner in accordance with the constitution and laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

All eligible voters cast their ballots at the polling stations with independence and high responsibility in a neutral and safe political environment, it added.

This is a new historical event reflecting the strong commitment of Cambodia to continue forward toward peace, liberal multi-party democracy, and development, it underlined.

CPP would like to declare its acceptance of the official results of the 3rd Election of Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils announced by NEC on June 8, 2019, said the statement, continuing that the results fully reflect the will of the Cambodian people through their respective commune/Sangkat council members who are their legal representatives to support and trust the CPP in continuing to lead the sub-national level.

CPP would like to deeply thank all eligible voters across the country who have voted for CPP so that it has more possibility to achieve the party's political agenda to build and defend the motherland, especially to develop the capital, provinces, cities, districts, Khan, and communes, Sangkat, in response to the wish of all people, it pointed out.

CPP would like to respect and highly appreciate the efforts of NEC and other competent authorities at all levels for fulfilling their roles and duties with transparency and effectiveness, it said.

CPP expressed its strong belief that all elected members of capital, provincial, municipal, district and Khan councils in this 3rd mandate will collaborate closely and do their best to serve the people. The ruling party also called on all compatriots to join hands around the Royal Government under the cool shade of His Majesty the King to maintain peace, stability and boost for more development in all sectors.

According to the official results, CPP won 3,484 posts of municipal, provincial, district and khan councils, while the Khmer National United Party, 38 and FUNCINPEC, 33.

About 99.94 percent of the 11,572 eligible voters went to the polls during the 3rd Election of Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District and Khan Councils held throughout the country on May 26 with the participation of seven political parties. They competed for the 559 seats at capital and provincial councils and 3,555 seats at municipal, district and Khan councils.

The election took place under the observation of 1,010 national observers from 19 institutions, most of them from the Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia, as well as 704 political agents from five out of the seven registered political parties.

The seven parties are CPP, Cambodian Nationality Party, FUNCINPEC, Khmer National United Party, Cambodian Youth Party, Khmer Will Party, and Khmer Republican Party.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press