S. Korea to honor late French veteran of Korean War with special flag

The veterans ministry said Tuesday it will present a special flag honoring Capt. Robert Goupil to his family and cadets of a French military academy in remembrance of the French veteran who died in combat during the 1950-53 Korean War. Veterans Minister Kang Jung-ai will present the flag to visiting cadets from Goupil's alma mater, Saint-Cyr Military Academy, and the late veteran's family during a ceremony marking the Battle of Jipyeong-ri on Wednesday, according to the ministry. Goupil, who joined the Korean War in November 1950 as the commander of the 2nd Company of the French Battalion, served in the Battle of the Twin Tunnels, the Battle of Jipyeong-ri (Chipyong-ni) and the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge. He died in action in the monthlong Battle of Heartbreak Ridge in Gangwon Province that ended in October 1951, where at least 3,700 U.N. Forces troops are estimated to have suffered injuries or died. The flag incorporates the insignia of the 2nd Company of the French Battalion with the flag of the visiti ng 209th class of the Saint-Cyr Military Academy. The academy chose him to represent their class under a school tradition of picking a distinguished officer or battle as their class name. The ministry explained that the delivery of the flag symbolizes the will to pass on the late veteran's courage and noble spirit to future generations. Source: Yonhap News Agency