Sustainable Salt Production Boosted

Inter-ministries have worked to determine the challenging issues in order to boost the production of salt to increase the sustainability of salt supply for domestic demand.

Ministry of Industry and Handicraft underlined in a report that the main challenges are the lack of labour force due to low labour wage, land issues (farmers want to develop their salt farms into residential areas), and unfavorable weather conditions.

As of 2019, the salt production was recorded at 18,430 tons, the report pointed out.

Salt is solely produced in the provinces of Kampot and Kep, located in the southwest of the country. Salt farms cover some 4,748 hectares of land in the two provinces and are owned by 200 families as members of Kampot-Kep Salt Association. If full production, at least 70,564 tons of salt are produced per year from the total land.

The recorded highest amount of salt production was in 2015 with 175,172 tons, and since then the production saw a drop from year to year due the above-mentioned problems.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press