KUALA LUMPUR, Tabreed, the world's leading district cooling company, has wrapped its sponsorship and participation at the third edition of Asia Urban Energy Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand. Strategically an extremely promising market for sustainable cooling, Tabreed is seeking new opportunities across Southeast Asia, where the effects of global temperature rises are posing ever greater risks to society. Tabreed Chief Executive Officer, Khalid Al Marzooqi said cooling can no longer be considered a luxury as it is now essential for life and the demand for cooling is soaring as climate change impacts more countries and territories. 'It is essential for economic development, for health, comfort and social harmony, and Tabreed has been an enabler of these vital aspects for more than a quarter of a century,' he said in a statement. Directly addressing, and engaging with, developers, architects, planners, engineers, consultants and government officials, members of Tabreed's senior management made a clear and comp elling case for district cooling to be considered an essential part of sustainable infrastructure. As new smart cities are being planned, responsible governments and developers must build into them future-proof technology that reduces energy consumption with reliable, sustainable services that allow communities and industries to flourish. District cooling supplies industrial, business and residential developments with chilled water from centralised plants via underground networks of insulated pipes, which is then used in buildings' air conditioning systems before being returned to the plant for further cooling in a continuous cycle. The benefits are well documented and include 50 per cent lower electricity consumption than conventional cooling, as well as reduced noise and visual pollution. Developers, too, can benefit from zero initial capital investment and increased real estate values. Source: BERNAMA News Agency