Since June, 35-year-old tailor Norhanis Azwani Hanapi from Raub, Pahang, has been receiving overwhelming orders for custom-made costumes on the theme of independence.

Norhanis said the biggest orders she has received in conjunction with this year’s National Day include dresses, baju kebaya and baju melayu, with the price ranging from RM100 to RM300 depending on the design.

“Apart from the income, sewing is very satisfying. When I see my customers adorning the customised costumes, I feel really proud and see the spirit of the parents who support their children in celebrating the National Day," she said when contacted by Bernama.

The Universiti Utara Malaysia graduate, who initially learnt sewing only through YouTube, joined a Department of Skills Development sewing course in 2018 and now holds a Level One and Level Two Malaysian Skills Certificate.

Norhanis said she would only accept orders using fabrics in the colours of the Malaysian flag, namely. red, white, blue and yellow, and declined any request to use the Jalur Gemilang.

“I know that the Malaysian flag cannot be used to sew clothes and I only use fabrics with flag motifs," she said.

The Information Department (JaPen) through the department’s e-book stated that the use of the Jalur Gemilang to make scarves, songkok, samping and others are not allowed as it is interpreted as desecration of the national flag, but the use of the primary colours and motifs are allowed.

Meanwhile, Nur Shazna Shamsudin, on the other hand, not only actively prepares orders for National Day attires, but also offers clothing rental at reasonable prices.

Nur Shazna, 38, has been taking orders since May last year, including tanjak (headgear), baju melayu and classic and modern contemporary themed clothes.

"The most unique national clothing design I am working on is a mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian designs combining the concept of baju kurung, cheongsam and sari," said the single mother who has been sewing since 2015.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency