Tourists Urged to Visit Kratie’s Irrawaddy Dolphins

Both national and foreign tourists have been urged to visit Irrawaddy dolphins in Kratie province, among other local tourism destinations.

Considered as an endangered species throughout Asia, dolphins inhabit along the Mekong River in Kratie province and the freshwater dolphin areas are the most attractive tourism landscape in the province, attracting sights of tourists who pass by the province.

Mr. Chan Sokunthy, Director of Kratie Provincial Tourism Department, said on June 30 that tourists can enjoy the activities of freshwater dolphins’ swimming from the banks of river or get on the tour boats to be close to the swimming area of dolphins.

“There are many iconic tourism destinations in the province, both cultural and natural, but the dolphin areas (Anlong Trey Psot Kampi in Khmer) is the most attractive tourism destination,” Mr. Sokunthy said in a press conference held at the Office of the Council of Ministers.

He called on tourists, particularly domestic tourists to visit Kratie province, mainly to witness the presence of endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in the Mekong River.

The call was made in line with the Tourism Ministry encouraging domestic tourism movement amid the sharp fall of foreign tourist arrivals due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Tourism Minister H.E. Thong Khon has appealed to people to travel domestically to tourism destinations including cultural, ecotourism and coastal areas by following the health guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

According to WWF-Cambodia, about 92 adult Irrawaddy Dolphins inhabit the Mekong River in Kratie and Stung Treng provinces.

Kratie province received 379,696 national tourists and 26,878 foreign tourists in 2019.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press