Trial Local Election to Test Efficacy

The purpose of the rollout of the trial commune-Sangkat council election is to test the efficacy of the information-technology modernised electoral system.

The clarification was made in a recent statement from the National Election Committee (NEC), represented by NEC Deputy Secretary General H.E. Som Soryda, to avoid any possible misunderstanding among the public.

The trial will not only test the computerised list of registered voters, the checking of preferred political party and the upgraded vote counting system, but also identify the best approach to mitigate COVID-19 detection possibility among the people who come to vote, it said.

The trial voting to happen on June 20, 2021 in the 25 provinces and capital (which select only one commune/Sangkat each with two polling stations), it underlined, will not be done online, but will require physical participation in a way universal, free, fair, direct and confidential.

Guided by its work review, NEC has made major reforms both to address pitfalls from the past elections and to modernised Cambodia's electoral system to further promote its efficacy.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press