Vovinam Targets Nine Gold Medals at SEA Games 2023

Cambodia is committed to grab nine gold medals for Vovinam at the SEA Games 2023 in the country.

The ambition was unveiled by H.E. Ou Ratana, President of Cambodia Vovinam Federation (CVF) in a recent interview with AKP.

The targeted nine medals are in line with the medal index set by Cambodia SEA Games Organising Committee (CAMSOC), continued H.E. Ou Ratana.

CVF prepares 33 disciplines of Vovinam in the SEA Games 2023 including 9 martial arts weight classes and 24 self-defence martial arts performances.

Vovinam is considered as one of Cambodia's potential sports, and it is ranked 2nd after ITF aiming for 15 gold medals.

To achieve the ambition, H.E. Ou Ratana encouraged the federation's officials, coaches and athletes to highly determine and work and train hard regularly not only to live up to its three gold medals from the SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam, but also to grab six more gold medals in the SEA Games 2023.

Cambodia won three gold, two silver and nine bronze medals for Vovinam at the SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam, and the sport was ranked 1st among the 15 sports winning gold medals from the games in Vietnam.

Two Cambodian gold medalists from the SEA Games 2022 in Vietnam Mr. Ae Virak Khamchhit Phouthang and Ms. Pal Chhar Rasmey expressed their determination for heavy training in order to bring more gold medals for the nation.

CVF will host from Mar. 25 to 30, 2023 the 6th Southeast Asian Vovinam Championships, considered as a platform to measure technical capacity of the Cambodian athletes, arbitrators and judges toward achieving the targeted 9 gold medals at the SEA Games 2023 in Cambodia.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press