WHO Urges Fast, Collective Actions As Cambodia Races Against COVID-19 Variants

PHNOM PENH, World Health Organisation (WHO) representative to Cambodia, Li Ailan, called for swift and collective actions, as Cambodia is racing against COVID-19 variants.


In a statement released late yesterday, Li said, the pandemic is far from over, and the numbers of daily confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths remain high in Cambodia.


The Delta variant has been detected amongst migrants returning through land borders, and is now in the local community, she said, adding that, the Delta variant spreads faster than other known variants and is the most transmissible variant so far.


“We are racing against new variants. We must act today, and we must act fast to have no regrets tomorrow,” Li said.


WHO has been advising and focusing on support in a number of important areas for a swift response, she said, adding that, it includes the suppression of transmission through early detection, situation analysis and targeted non-pharmaceutical interventions, the acceleration of COVID-19 vaccination, and the increase of patient care capacity.


Cambodia is at a critical moment. The government has taken some tough decisions, including lockdowns in eight border provinces and the launch of the national campaign in fighting the pandemic, especially in response to the Delta variant.


Effective implementation and good public compliance will determine the success of these interventions, she said.


“I urge everyone to take every necessary and recommended action to protect themselves, their families and others, from getting infected by the virus. Our collective actions will determine our success or failure in fighting against COVID-19,” Li said. The COVID-19 vaccine rollout progressed well in Cambodia and remains a key strategy.


WHO strongly recommends that everyone, regardless of their vaccination status, continue to follow preventive behaviours, such as wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, washing hands with soap frequently, avoiding crowded, confined, and closed spaces, and avoiding gatherings, she added.