53,797 Pregnant Women and U-2 Children Received Cash Support in 2023

The government has disbursed cash support for 53,797 pregnant women and U-2 children in 2023, according to the latest report of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans, and Youth Rehabilitation. A total cost of nearly 37 billion Riel (about 4,000 Riel equal to 1 U.S. dollar) was spent on the cash subsidy programme. From June 25, 2020 to Dec. 24, 2023, the government spent around 5,000 billion Riel to support 705,716 poor and vulnerable families under a cash relief programme. The government also spent about 175 billion Riel on 495,307 households suffering from the inflationary pressures in the 25 provinces and capital. Almost 47 billion Riel was also cashed for 99,169 flood-affected households from 16 provinces and capital under the social assistance programme. For social security, the government spent nearly 15 billion Riel on 102,594 people, including 54,437 retired officials, 1,398 officials losing professional fitness, 46,759 dependents, and 1,670 late civil servants. Source: Agence Kampuchea Pres se