Again Neither New Positive Nor Recovered Case in Cambodia as of This Morning

There is neither new positive nor cured case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) reported in Cambodia as of this morning, announced the Ministry of Health in a press release.

The total confirmed case in the Kingdom thus remains at 278 while that of recovered patients at 275 or 98.92 percent.

But, the Ministry of Health reported a suspected case of the deadly virus whose specimen was sent from Siem Reap provincial hospital to the Pasteur Institute of Cambodia in Phnom Penh for confirmation. The ministry will keep the public informed when it gets the result.

The total 278 confirmed cases in the Kingdom include 175 Cambodians, 41 French, 18 Chinese, 13 Malaysians, 8 Indonesians, 7 Americans, 6 British, 3 Vietnamese, 3 Canadians, 1 Belgian, 1 Indian, 1 Kazakhstani, and 1 Hungarian.

The three remaining active cases are a 70-year-old Hungarian man, a 28-year-old Chinese man, and a 33-year-old Cambodian woman who arrived in Cambodia from France, the Philippines, and the U.S. on Sept. 13, 27, and 16, respectively.

Since the first case detected in Preah Sihanouk province in late January, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit 13 provinces and capital of Cambodia.


Source: Agency Kampuchea Press