Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is the best Prime Minister for the Indian community in this country, as evidenced by various aids provided to the community using an equality-based formula rather than a racial one, according to a PKR leader. Political secretary in the PKR President's Office Manivanan Gowin said among the aid channelled to the Indian community is a RM100 million fund for the Malaysian Indian Transformation Unit (MITRA) for socioeconomic development programmes. In addition, there is a special fund of RM50 million for Indian Women's Empowerment (PENN), RM60 million for Indian entrepreneurs' development through the 'SPUMI Goes Big' programme, RM20 million for the development of Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) infrastructure and RM10 million to assist in land acquisition for SJKT construction. The former Member of Parliament for Kapar said RM68 million is allocated for early schooling assistance to 455,021 Indian students and over RM474 million for Rahmah Cash Aid (STR) to 62,375 individuals. " Only he knows and comprehends the situation of the Indian community and despite facing various racist criticisms and ridicule from the opposition, he bravely moves forward to help all layers of society, including the Indian community," he said in a statement today. Manivanan said the country had previously been presented with a formula of racial aid distribution and Anwar is the only Prime Minister who uses an equality formula to serve and contribute to the Malaysian people. "So it is clear that not only domestically but also internationally, Anwar is the best Prime Minister for Malaysia," he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency