APSARA National Authority Restore the Terrace of the Elephants in Siem Reap

Experts from the APSARA National Authority, in collaboration with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) through the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (KCHF), are restoring some damaged structures of the Terrace of the Elephants, the authority said in a new release this afternoon. PARK Jimin, Project Manager of the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, said the restoration is underway in two different parts, 20 metres in the north and 15 metres in the south. In the restoration process, the team focuses on the implementation of several important tasks, such as strengthening the foundations, strengthening the relevant structures inside and below, as well as reassembling the walls of the sloping platform and the corrugated stone. Mr. PARK Jimin said that the findings at the two sites are similar: the wall surface is very tilted and may collapse, as well as laterite and some sandstone has decayed due to age and rain. The bottom drain causes the bottom foundation to lose balance. Mr. Prum Tith Chhap anrith, Architect of the Department of Conservation of Monuments and Preventive Archaeology of the APSARA National Authority, said that some of the main reasons why the foundations of the walls collapsed and tilted because the tree roots grow into the structure, causing some stones to move out of their original position, creating holes in the stone space, causing water to seep into the stone holes, bringing sand mixture out. Over the months, experts have been removing part of the floor and walls to review the condition of the laterite walls and re-arrange the laterite sandstone to its original location and some of the damaged areas as well as to fix it, but if it still cannot be fixed, a new stone will be replaced. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse