Bridal boutique owner Nor Dina Nordin in Kampung Pondok here is a firm believer of the Malay proverb ‘melentur buluh biarlah dari rebungnya’ (to bend a bamboo, start when it is still a shoot).

This has led her to create a Jalur Gemilang “tanjak” (traditional headgear) for babies and children to instil the spirit of patriotism among the young.

Nor Dina, 45, said children are the happiest during festivals, even National Day, despite not having a full grasp of the meaning of independence.

“I was inspired to liven up this year’s National Day and Malaysia Day and also to cheer them up by designing a Jalur Gemilang “tanjak”,” she told Bernama here today.

The mother of one, said she felt a sense of satisfation and was very happy to see the cute babies and children wearing her design.

“Although they (children) do not understand the meaning of Independence, at least they are happy wearing the “tanjak” for the occasion,” said the owner of Dnas Qaseh Butik Pengantin.

She said, wearing the headgear on the head, which is the highest point of the body symbolises the precious value of the Jalur Gemilang (national flag).

This is the first time she has created such a design throughout her 20 years in the bridal boutique business, said Nor Dina, who usually makes “tanjak” out of traditional songket cloth.

She said she uses the patchwork tecnique with small-sized Jalur Gemilang, blue cloth to symbolise unity and red cloth to show the courage of Malaysians in facing any challenges for the sake of their beloved country.

“I use the small Jalur Gemilang to avoid cutting the flag and it is also easy to fold,” she said.

Nor Dina said the “tanjak” is priced at RM25 for babies, RM35 for children and RM50 for adults.

Meanwhile, housewife Nurul Nursyawaltie Mohd Sabri, 26, who happened to be in the boutique, said she bought the Jalur Gemilang headgear for her 21-day-old baby, Muhammad Arz Matee Muhammad Arzyzat.

“Even though he does not know anything yet, I hope that by wearing this Jalur Gemilang “tanjak” he will grow up to be a patriotic and useful citizen,” she said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency